Who we are

We innovate, we design and above all, WE COMMUNICATE

  • We are a team of marketing and communications professionals specializing in strategic consulting. We have seen at first hand the profound technological changes that have taken place in recent years and we know that this new scenario needs a new way of delivering to the market.

  • That is why We design and define in a personalized, innovative and creative way the communications plan and the marketing actions that best position our customers in this changing industry which, is more demanding than ever!

  • We are proud of our successful results which we achieve through careful and detailed collaboration with our clients. A careful plan of action that we elaborate with our client as main collaborator. We are no longer not a supplier anymore. In your marketing and communication strategy, Communication Consultants are your partners.

  • Firstly, we First of all we study the organisation company and identify its needs. This enables us to and then define objectives, analyze the market and competitors to prepare the most appropriate communication and marketing strategy that we can confidently execute with the client customer. Finally, we measure the results.

  • We assign all available resources to each project to ensure success with To do this, all our capabilities are put at the service of the project, and we carry out innovative, varied, fresh and creative actions.


Communications, PR & Events

Communication strategy

We define the objective of communication - which will always accompany the business objective - and how our approach towards it will be.

Press office

Offline media, online, bloggers and influencers are the main loudspeaker we use to reach the target audience of our clients

Event production

We produce all kinds of events, from small meetings or work lunches "in house" to presentation of companies or products, showrooms, parties, etc. We personalize each act and like it to be unique and above all, effective. We got it with good taste and creativity.

Internal communication

If you need to reach a target audience, we help you get it, design events, hire celebrities or generate leads. Tell us which company you have, what products or services you offer and what you need: we will make it visible to your potential customers.

Social Media

We can accompany you at the beginning of your activity in them, define your strategy, messages and image or we can also manage them directly and even monitor your brand. We know them from the beginning. We have seen them born and we have worked in all of them for years.

Additional Services

We are an agency specialized in helping foreign companies on their arrival in Spain offering legal services, logistics, commercial leeds etc. Although our core business is communication.


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